2015 SHOWCASE:
MEET "THE COCKTAILS"- Long Island's favorite "boomber generation" band delivering a hot blend of Brit and US Guitar rock from the age that started it all. You'll hear them in all the best island bars. NEVER A COVER- these guys believe in 'free love' and free music. Just pay the bar tab and you're guaranteed a toe-tappin' good time.
Entertainment marketing relies heavily on acts that carry the right look to appeal to your target audience. An image consultant is your personal art director, stylist and band designer handling everything VISUAL that represents you. Image is what separates you from the rest by arming you with the competitive edge you need to open the right doors. Where IMAGE is everything, call the A-TEAM that can package your talent with the impact it deserves and the attention that puts you in the winning spotlight!
Upgrade your AMATEUR STATUS and join the PROFESSIONAL RANKS! To "take your show on the road", you need pro-grade industry TOOLS to showcase your best work. These same tools are the evidence of your great talent presented in an impact-driven and industry-formatted manner. ReelPromoters produces top quality electronic, digital and print materials such as award-winning commercial VIDEO productions, studio PHOTOGRAPHY and WEB PRODUCTS. The end results include sharp MEDIA PACKAGES, PROMO REELS & MARKETABLE GRAPHICS that get you respect and recognition from all venue managers, show planners as well as today's major media outlets. (SEE SAMPLE)
  You've dedicated 100% of your time training and polishing your artistry and now it's time to enter the BUSINESS side of the entertainment arena. Picking the right management team requires 100% organization and a solid business background to structure you or your group for performance, recording or distribution. Management also covers the most vital roles in fortifying the overal infrastructure of the act-- alongside all marketing, advertising, PR, sales and outreach efforts. When you're ready to convert your PLAYING into WORKING- let the pros turn you into a professional act.
  Capturing the public eye is paramount to any entertainment promotional project. Using success-proven PR vehicles such as video promos, press releases, blogs, newsletters, e-social media and news pitches all make up the road to recognition. A recognized publicist focuses on POSITIONING the client to the hype machines by reaching out to the direct public and the media outlets to generate the appropriate media BUZZ.
  It takes special dedication, extensive field experience and knowing all the right people to push your reel or sample CD. A professional booking agent carries the talent to open doors to win the attention of a showspace, the impeccable timing to schedule show commitments and the skill to juggle roles of a talent promoter, a publicist, a networker and a sales representative.
  Professional Video with reelpromoters.com means getting Pro-HD imaging and sound. We partner with some of the most recognized recording studios on the Island so you too (yes you) can afford to have QUALITY MARKETING VIDEOS ONLINE.


Successful performers and musical acts earn their recognition by building and promoting a solid public presence. More than having a great act, winning ‘gigs’ require calculated media positioning, a winning identity and powerful promotional tools. With the right professionals on your side, earning that chance for a first impression could mean the lasting career launch.

INTERMEDIA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (IEG) is so much more than a talent marketing company; we are a partnership of the most experienced team who understands the industry’s major standards and are ready to produce a competitive package to get you where you need to be. What’s more, IEG is on your side 100% when it comes to positioning our clients to the right venues and opportunities. IEG uses a fusion of current technologies, old-school relationship management, cost-conscious planning and an array of highly dedicated campaigns to achieve our clients’ goals in the least possible time and cost. We take careful consideration of your objectives and are committed to leveraging all available options to promote your entity.

Our success is partly based on a very large network of relationships with producers, vendors, fellow promoters and management companies. Together, we collaborate and exchange resources to produce professional quality output that meets and exceeds industry standards. These same partnerships also become a priceless connection when it comes time to launching talent in any given media direction.

So if you're ready to take your show on the road, contact us first! Together, we'll explore your options for PROMOTIONAL REPRESENTATION. Drop us a line at: talent@reelpromoters.com.

VIDEO REEL: Westchester's own RESPECT FILMS and INTERMEDIA WORX team up to produce this tribute to one of classic rock's greatest landmarks. Originated by the legendary JIMI HENDRIX , Voodoo Chile has been covered by a long list of rock artists from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Slash, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and John Mayer . This 2010 version is produced as part of a demonstration series of LINE6 preamp effects and DiMarzio virtual vintage pickup series. Performance by: "BUMPY" GETTZ

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